Course Projects, 2018

Here are some of the best from our 2018 projects, most of which were inspired by the classic game Missile Command. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Colin Moore

Snake 3D, as the name implies, is like snake, but in 3D! The player starts in mostly empty space with a few apples scattered around. If the player hits an apple, they will eat it, and the snake will grow! If the player ever collides with themselves or the border of the world, they will die.

Huy Tu

Normal standard snake game that support NPC snakes and 3D viewing. Fruit appearing around 5.5 seconds, maximum are 7 fruits. NPC Snake appearing every 13 seconds after the snake is 6 cubes long, maximum are 5 NPC snakes.

Maitreya Save

- Your score is displayed at the top center and there are 2 buttons around it. The first one gives you shoulder-view of your snake and the second one is for 2-player mode
- 2 power-ups. The purple colored one increases your length by 5 and the pink one slows down the game speed until your next food.

Trevor Redding

3D snake with an optional dynamic camera and simple models. Outer walls have slightly randomized heights and lighting. Can be played with 1 player with enemy AI or 2 players. Snake segments explode one by one after a player snake dies.