Course Projects, 2019

Here are some of the best from our 2019 projects, most of which were inspired by the classic game Bezerk. For past projects, please see the links below.

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DJ Schilens

Asteroids, in 3D! Fly a ship around infinite space, shooting & dodging asteroids. As you destroy more asteroids, the difficulty will ramp up. Asteroids are randomly deformed on the fly. Features royalty free background music and audio sound effects. Uses several shaders & an .obj parser!

Anisha Gupta

Our player tries to escape from Evil Otto and the other robots, and he's got powerups to help him! Customizable map files to design levels, custom made players/bots and custom made 8 bit music.

Richard Kaufman

Well that was fun.

Noah Benevente

Move around the level, shoot turrets to destroy them, avoid getting shot by turrets. If you get shot too many times, you get reset back to the start of the level. Destroy turrets to gain health and points.