Course Projects, 2022

Here are some of the best from our 2022 projects. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Zack Polleck

A game of breakout in a cave. Like classic breakout, but the blocks are arranged in a 3D space. The paddle can traverse the Z axis with the W and S keys, the A and D keys move the paddle along the X axis. The blocks are deleted according to perlin noise to make it look more like a cave.

Adam Imbert

A twist on the classic Breakout, in which you must paddle the ball up through a volcano before rising lava can catch you! Perform precise inputs to send your paddle upward, and smash through the many bricks in your path with a powered-up super ball!

Haley Barnette

Aim to destroy all bricks by controlling a paddle to bounce a ball back at them If the ball gets past the paddle, you lose a life Lose 3 lives and it's game over Play with a friend or solo Play with an overhead view or in 1st person