Course Projects, 2020

Here are some of the best from our 2020 projects. For past projects, please see the links below.

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Will Carpenter & Joseph Dasilva

AR Tower Defense is an Augmented Reality (AR) project for Android phones developed with Unity and Google's ARCore toolset. The premise of the game is that you can scan any flat surface with your phone and build a small tower defense game on it in AR.

Bihan Zhang

Modern-ish tetris in webgl. Most of modern tetris including a 7-bag randomizer, hold, piece preview, SRS rotation system.

Zhaolin Ding

All functionalities including game board render (both 2d and 3d), keyboard event interactions, next object render, score tracking and game over message box have been done.

Pushkar Suneel Dravid & Nikhila Nathani

A 3D version of the popular pacman game made for Oculus VR. It has all the basic functionalities of the game like ghosts, pacman, coin collections, etc.