Assignment 1 Late Submissions and Grading

Good work on your assignments! I saw some great images on the forum.

For those still working, please note the below details for late submissions:

  • Submit to the "Program_1_Late" locker that is now available on Wolfware. 
  • Late submissions are NOT accepted through email.
  • Late submissions are accepted until the end of the day of the 4th class period after the assignment due date. 
  • Late penalty deadlines are at the end of the day. (e.g. for Assignment 1 a 3% late penalty is incurred for submissions until 11:59pm, Monday September 21. At midnight, the late penalty is then assessed as 3^2).
  • As some students found out, Wolfware limits your submission to 8Mb. For our assignments, this should easily be sufficient.
An important note on grading:
  • Your assignment will only be graded once. If you submit to the on-time locker and the late locker, the late submission will be graded with appropriate penalties applied. 
  • If your code doesn't compile, I'll be in touch with you. Your code must compile and run to be graded (this is for students using C/OpenGL).