Find: Epic Games working on a PC exclusive, wants fans to 'encourage' it to make more

Good move. 

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Epic Games Samaritan Demo

Epic Games creative lead Cliff Bleszinski and president Mike Capps revealed today at PAX East that they are working on a PC exclusive title, Joystiq reports — and Capps confirmed the effort today in a comment left over at Polygon, saying that "we're very happy to be making a PC-focused title... making PC games is fun." Capps says that people should tell them if they want to see more PC titles, and that this new title "came from listening to our fans" — "that's a great feeling and it really impacts us and our plans." Nothing else about the game has been announced, but if Epic decides to push the boundaries, a PC-only game could utilize graphics horsepower that's leaps and bounds ahead of current-gen consoles. Be sure to head on over...