Spotted: a panel on mobile gpus at siggraph, with anandtech's anandtech shimpi

Shimpi and anandtech are based in the triangle. 

// published on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference-Latest Proceeding Volume // visit site

New directions and developments in mobile GPU design

David Blythe, Eric Demers, Barthold Lichtenbelt, James McCombe, Anand Shimpi, Dave Shreiner

Computing is evolving as smartphones and tablets increasingly become primary entertainment devices. This shift requires greater performance from mobile processors to deliver the same quality experiences that a PC or gaming console does, but without compromising battery life in a more compact mobile device form factor. This panel, composed of leading mobile graphics experts from Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel, ARM and Imagination Technologies, will cover the newest and best ways advanced programmers can take advantage of GPU design implementation and optimize for mobile-specific platforms. The discussion will cover the latest graphics APIs like OpenGL ES 3.0 for sophisticated graphics programming, compute APIs like OpenCL to enable GPGPU acceleration, and Android APIs like Renderscript for advanced features such as instancing, occlusion queries, superior texture compression formats, and multiple render targets.

via CG Class @ NCSU