Find: ’s New 36-inch 4Kx2K Display

The first of the quad hdtvs. Not consumer priced yet.

Eizo’s New 36-inch 4Kx2K Display

Do you have $36,000 laying around?  Do you not mind paying $1000 per inch for screen real-estate?  Do you need a computer monitor that offers such extreme resolution that you can see Duke’s individual hair follicles?  Then Eiko has just the display for you coming out this September, a massive 4Kx2K monitor.  Equivalent to 4 standard 1080p monitors stacked 2 by 2, this reminds me much of the old IBM T221 monitor.  Hopefully this one will fare better.

Eizo To Sell 36-Inch Display With 4K×2K Resolution For $36,000.

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