Prog 1 2022 Target Outputs

Edit (9/20/2022):

There was a discrepancy between the light position used to generate the example images and the one in the instructions. The second and third images have been updated to use the instructed light. And to better cast shadow in the third image, the extra box definition for the third image has been updated as well.

Hi everyone,

Here are the target outputs for program 1 with the example boxes.json and lights.json (position at [-0.5, 1.5, -0.5]).

Part 1: ray cast the colored boxes in the input file without lighting.

Part 2: color the boxes with Blinn-Phong illumination.

Extra Credit: detect shadows during ray casting. The following example added an extra box to cast shadows, whose definition is {"lx": 0.02, "rx": 0.3, "by": 0.33, "ty": 0.39, "fz":0.005, "rz":0.03, "ambient": [0.1,0.1,0.1], "diffuse": [0.6,0.0,0.0], "specular": [0.3,0.3,0.3], "n":7}.