NexUX meetup TODAY, 3pm @ Hunt: extra credit, coffee & snacks


I neglected to mention last Thursday that we will have our second NexUX meetup TODAY October 29th at 3pm. Come for 1/2% extra credit, coffee and snacks. Make sure you sign in when there for extra credit.

 We will have our next meetup on November 30.

 See you there!


Come to the nexUX Meetup!
 Daniel (Clay) Braxton, US Design Manager of the IBM Blockchain Platform    @claybraxton
Daniel (Clay) Braxton, US Design Manager of the IBM Blockchain Platform

The UX of Trust, and How Blockchain Might Help — TODAY, Monday October 29th 3PM @ Hunt

Trust. It's something built over time, something abstract, subjective, and informal, varying from person to person. Modern technology is capitalizing on this core value, and beginning to define how it shows up through our computer interactions. Led by new advancements in social and AI, Blockchain promises trustworthy transactions, and is now front and center, having hit consumers where they care most — their pocketbooks. Talk with some of IBM’s experts in designing to protect businesses and consumers in this new frontier.
Please bring your questions to the meetup!
Clay Braxton is US Design Manager of the IBM Blockchain Platform at IBM. Previously, he worked as an Incubation Projects lead for IBM Design, where he co-directed an innovation engine that led top-tier new-hire talent through bootcamps to work on strategically important projects. Clay has art and design degrees from NCSU and ECU, and lives in Raleigh with his wife and sons.
Clay will be joined by a few of his IBM colleagues, including Adam Gunther, Director of Blockchain Network Services.
As always with our meetups, this is not a "sit back and listen" meeting, but a chance for us to bring together a cross disciplinary group of people to think about the relationship between UX, technology, and design. Mostly though, we'll get to know one another, and have some fun. If you'll come, please RSVP!
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Our meetups happen at Duke Energy Hall in the James B. Hunt Library on NCSU’s Centennial Campus, with a few exceptions.
To get to the meetup by:
  • foot: If you enter the first floor of the Library from Partners Way, head up the yellow stairs and Duke Energy Hall is on your left. If you enter the second floor from the Oval, Duke Energy Hall is on your immediate right.
  • bus: NCSU Wolfline buses service the Hunt Library on several routes. See the full system map (PDF) or the real-time bus tracking map. Go into the Library through the entrance by the bus stop and head up the yellow stairs; Duke Energy Hall is on your left.
  • car: park in the pay lot directly across from the Library entrance on Partners Way. The cost is two dollars per hour; have your credit card ready. Go into the Library entrance and up the yellow stairs; Duke Energy Hall is on your left.