Announcement: poll on topics to revisit

As discussed in class, to improve your mastery of the topics we've already covered, we will be revisiting some of them. For the remainder of the semester, we will have a review session every Thursday. Each review session will focus on one or two topics.

To get things going and based on in class feedback Tuesday, we'll begin with pipelines next week Thursday. To choose the remaining topics, we'll use this class poll. Please fill it out as soon as possible.

Here is how each review will work:

  1. Several days before the review, we will make a topic short available to you online. This will be a 10-15 minute video recording of me talking about the topic, and drawing on a tablet while doing so, much like Kahn Academy. You should expect a short on pipelines soon!
  2. As homework, you should view the short, then react to it online in our forum, in the topic reaction section. You can find a description of what we are looking for in reactions here. Post this before we review the topic in class.
  3. In class, we will have a short group discussion, then work problems in class. These are the "topic assignments" mentioned in our syllabus. These will be online problems that display answers when you complete them, based on previous exams. These are graded only for effort, so feel free to help one another; I will also move around during class answering questions.
  4. We will follow up these reviews with online quizzes on the same topic asking very similar questions, which you may do during the review session or outside of class. We will grade these in the same way we have graded in class quizzes.