Find: whoa, 16 x hd (4x4) already in the pipe

Pixels start going exponential. 

The future of TV as seen in Super Hi-Vision

nhk super hi-vision hero

Nippon Housou Kyoukai, better known as NHK, is much more than Japan's public service broadcaster — it's a national institution that seeks to push forward major advances in televisual technology worldwide. This month the NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories is exhibiting prototype examples of the innovations it expects to see in our living rooms in the 2020s, 30s, and beyond, ranging from impossible leaps in screen size and resolution to breathtaking breakthroughs in 3D imagery. It's a head-spinning display of the presently unattainable that leaves us decidedly unimpressed with our own 1080p 3D sets. Read on to find out exactly how you'll be watching TV in the future.