Announcement: workshop and extension on homework 3


Today is the deadline for the 27% penalty for homework 3. As for the first assignment, we will remove this deadline. You can continue to work on homework 3 until semester end, with the penalty remaining at 27%.

We will hold an in-class workshop on the coming Wednesday, in which Ju Hee and I will help you with any coding problems you may have. If you would like to take advantage of that workshop, please bring your laptops. If you don't feel you need for any help, feel free to skip Wednesday.

Also, I've had some questions about how extra credit works with these changes. You can submit extra credit on either assignment 2 or 3 at 27% off -- without harming your current marks, if you have already turned in either of these assignments. If you turn in new versions of functionality you've already turned in (regular or extra credit), this will be marked with a 27% penalty.