Find: Sony Preparing New 3D Headset for Japanese Release

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Sony Preparing New 3D Headset for Japanese Release

The HMZ-T1, the first iteration of a concept Sony demoed this past CES, will release in Japan on November 11, says Sony Japan.

Japan will serve as a test market for the futuristic piece of headgear, which boasts two 0.7-inch OLED panels each with a resolution of 1280x780. Sony says the experience compares to watching a 750-inch 3D screen from 20 meters away. The device, which also includes integrated 5.1 surround sound headphones, isn’t mobile, of course. It will need to be be tethered to its HDMI-ready processing unit.

Sony is expected to price the device at 60,000 yen ($783 US). The company’s currently mum about a release in other markets. Performance in Japan could make that decision for them.

Source: Sony, Engadget

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