prog1 for 2021 Fall: json and expected result update

 Hi all,


We found the bug in the solution and the pink triangle was actually facing back, thus it should be grey.

However, since the due date is approaching we would accept results showing either for full credit!

This is the latest correct result:

Edit (2021/9/8):

The original solution forgot to ignore t < 1. The image is now updated to reflect the result that ignore t<1.

Edit: To avoid confusion, I leave triangles.json as it is, and opened another json file called triangles2.json

I have updated the triangles.json in the class shell repo, here is an expected result for that input.

You are welcome to try your code with other json input to make sure it works well.

Note how the same color (e.g. the green ones) could look totally different based on the position and angle.

Also, pay attention to the occlusion as well. Good luck!

To use this, modify INPUT_TRIANGLE to point to

result: expected output
the green middle triangles are less shiny due to smaller n, otherwise it's located the same place.