Extra credit: CG innovators and diversity

Hey folks,

Most significant figures in computer graphics history were white men. For 1% of extra credit, you may research someone a little different, and present a 5 minute report on them in one of our studios. To present such a report, schedule the studio time for it using our report calendar (for 461, for 561). Also, prepare a short Google Slides presentation, and upload it using this form.

You can find suggestions on who you might research in my own lectures (e.g., Bui Tong Phong, Dorothea Jameson, and Lillian Schwarz), or in our wiki entry on women in CG — but feel free to find someone else! You may report again one someone already reported, but try to highlight something different: five minutes certainly doesn't allow a complete report. These people need not have retired, they may still be quite active in the field. If you have trouble finding someone new, don't be surprised, there weren't many. 

In your report, you need not give a full bio. Just introduce them briefly, then go into some aspect of their career in CG. For example, you can discuss an important paper or other contribution to the field. You might also reach out to them via email, have short discussion with them, and report on what you learned. 

I look forward to your reports!