Readings, Topic Reactions, and Assignments

Happy reading day everyone!

To ensure you get all the marks you deserve for the readings, topic reactions, and topic assignments please send me a list of your completed work for these items. This is optional, but it will make sure you get all the points you should.

Send me (the TA) an email with links to the forum posts you've done. Links can be acquired by the drop-down menu available on the upper right of the post you want the link for. Choose "Link to Post" and copy the link. For topic assignments, simply include a list of the 10 course topics for which you've completed the associated questions.

Please use "561 Reaction Links" as your email subject line.

Your email should include:

Reading Reaction Links (5)
Topic Reaction Links (5)
List of Course Topics for Assignments (10)

Email your list by 11:59pm Wednesday, December 9th.