Program Submission Instructions

Programs will be partially graded using a script. Due to this, your Program submissions must conform to a specific set of requirements in order for grading to proceed properly.

As with the previous assignment, 10% of your Program grade is dedicated to correct submission, so follow these instructions closely! If your submission does not conform to the below specification, you will have 1 opportunity to re-submit in the correct format for grading. Submissions will not be accepted on a third attempt. Additionally, source code and functionality of the submission can not change when re-submitting for this reason.

Follow the below instructions to correctly submit your Program:

  • Upload a single .zip archive to the Wolfware submit locker. This file must be a ZIP archive named "". 
  • All your source code (.h, .cpp, .c, or .js) must be included in a directory called "_moss" inside (see diagram). This code should be copies of the source from elsewhere in your project. If you've placed your code many directories, do not include those directories in the _moss folder. "Flatten" the directory structure you've created by just including the source files. Do not include libraries, just the code you have written.
  • Include all necessary files (obj models, textures, MTL files) your program will need to run properly. Wolfware limits submission file size to 8MB, but you should easily be able to fit under that (even with images). 
"" file structure

A few additional notes and changes from Program 1:
  • Since Program 2 and beyond has defined command line (or query string) parameters, I will not modify your source code to test your program. Your program must function using at least these parameters. If you include additional command line (or query string) parameters, ensure you document these in a README.
  • For C / OpenGL: do not use absolute paths in your Visual Studio solution file. I will not modify these to compile your program.
  • For C / OpenGL: your program must compile in both Debug and Release.