Workshop: Getting Started with OpenGL and WebGL

Today we are having an in-class workshop to get you acquainted with the programming environments for OpenGL and WebGL.

We are providing starter projects for each language option, which can be downloaded here. Slides from today's lecture are available here.

As discussed in class, in order to submit your project correctly you will need to include a specific set of files. In addition to the files below, you may include a README text file.

For C / OpenGL submit:
  • All source code and shaders (.h, .c, .cpp, .glsl)
  • All assets (.obj, .mtl, .png, .jpg, etc)
  • Static Libraries (.lib)
  • Program executable (.exe)
  • Visual studio project and solution (.vcproj, .sln)
  • All runtime dependencies (.dll)
Your program is expected to run by double-clicking on the executable - so remember to path your files properly!

For JavaScript / WebGL submit:
  • All markup, source code, and shaders (.html, .css, .js, .glsl)
  • All assets (.obj, .mtl, .png, .jpg, etc)