Find: Oculus Rift on when 8K pixels and 30hz isn't enough, and why

The eye is still sensitive to certain detail better than 20/20 levels of accuracy: why do you think people prefer 1200 dpi in printers over 600 dpi? 
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Virtual Perfection: Why 8K resolution per eye isn’t enough for perfect VR

So you want me to squeeze two 8K displays into this space? No problem! Give me a decade or so...

"Without going into a rant, the term 'Retina Display' is garbage, I think."

Palmer Luckey, the founder and creator of the Oculus Rift, is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creating the best possible virtual reality experience. So when our recent interview turned toward the ideal future for a head-mounted display—a theoretical "perfect" device that delivers everything he could ever dream of—he did go on a little rant about what we currently consider "indistinguishable" pixels.

"There is a point where you can no longer distinguish individual pixels, but that does not mean that you cannot distinguish greater detail," he said. "You can still see aliasing on lines on a retina display. You can't pick out the pixels, but you can still see the aliasing. Let's say you want to have an image of a piece of hair on the screen. You can't make it real-size... it would still look jaggy and terrible. There's a difference between where you can't see pixels and where you can't make improvements."

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