Assignment: setup logistics

Hey folks,

To get things rolling in class, you have three things you need to do, which make up your first assignment:
  1. Go complete the consent and waiver for online course components, if you haven't already. If you do not wish to consent, then please email us.
  2. Go fill out the collecting your online IDs form. If you do not already have them, this will require obtaining personal IDs from Google and Voicethread. You need not fill this out if you do not wish to consent to part 1 above.
  3. Go introduce yourself on ning in the everything else category of our Forum. Make sure you talk about:
    1. Your professional experience
    2. Your programming experience in general
    3. Your computer graphics experience (opengl, shaders, etc.)
    4. What you hope to get from this class
    5. (Optional) One interesting factoid about you!
You should complete this assignment by Thursday August 30 at class time.