Course: visual interfaces for mobiles, spring 2012

CSC 495
Visual Interfaces for Mobile Devices

Mobiles are the future
  • Today's phones have as much processing power as the original Xbox 
  • There are over 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, 3/4 of those are in developing nations 
  • Nearly two billion phones were sold worldwide in 2010, vs. only 350 million PCs 
  • Mobile sales are growing 10x faster than PC sales 

To succeed in that future, you need to know how to 
  • Build mobile apps 
  • Create graphics for mobiles 
  • Create effective mobile interfaces 
  • Work in teams 
Our course is designed to give you those skills

Ben Watson, Associate Professor, Computer Science

This course is an intensive introduction to the design and development of mobile interfaces and applications. By the course's end, student teams will design and build an interactive mobile app prototype for platforms such as iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (Nexus, Galaxy Tab). Along the way, students will learn mobile design technique, including ideation, rapid prototyping, and evaluation; and mobile technology, including hardware, usage environment, graphics, interfaces and programming. Guest experts from the RTP interaction design community, such as Allscripts, IBM and Epic Games will provide real world context.

CSC students: CSC 316

Spring 2012, MW 350p-505p

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