Announcement: topics for tomorrow's exam

Hey folks,

Here are the topics for tomorrow's exam. Basically, it's what we covered in class. If it's not mentioned here, it won't be on the exam. In certain cases, I specifically exclude some topics:

  • History
  • Ray tracing
    • Not frameless rendering
  • Pipeline
    • Understand the differences between model, view, and projection matrices
    • Understand how to convert from model to world coordinates
  • Rasterization
    • Not inside test
    • Not polygon fill
    • Understand interpolation
    • Understand the purpose of perspective correct interpolation
  • 3D models and transforms
  • Projections and viewing
    • Not individual components of perspective transform
  • Illumination and shading
  • Texture mapping
    • Not multipass texturing
  • Hidden surface removal
    • No early solutions
    • No details on how to split poly
  • Hierarchies and other structures
    • No display lists, strips, vertex caching or vertex arrays

I've uploaded all the pencasts so far.