Announcement: posting to course sites, and FERPA releases


I'm not sure that I've spoken at all with you about privacy and our various course sites.

In the broadest spirit of learning, I prefer to make our course content as accessible to the public as possible.

However, to protect your privacy, you will not be allowed to add content on the public blog or wiki until you sign (via email or hardcopy) the university's FERPA form, which essentially says that you're okay with anyone seeing what you add and knowing you're in this class.

Our forum will remain private until shortly after the semester, at which point we will remove any members who have not returned the FERPA form, along with any of their posted content. In this way we can both protect your privacy and maintain continuity across semesters (allowing your comments to help future students).

Recall that adding content in this fashion is not strictly required. Reactions to readings are extra credit, and you can obtain participation marks by speaking in class or emailing me or our TA.

Nevertheless, you can still earn credit for these sorts of contributions without signing the FERPA form, if that is what you would prefer. Simply email us your comments, helpful suggestions, or reactions.