Announcement: Grade of Assignment 1

Hi all,

You are now able to check the grade book for assignment 1.

Base total is 80:
Rendering new model(40) + Wireframe(20) + Interaction(10) + Properly turned in (10) - Delay

The final point you see is, base total normalized to 100(100) + bonus points(40).

Bonus includes point mode(20), toggle other models (5), display several models at once(5), and individual wireframe (10).

Average: 98.08
Median: 100
25th quartile: 91.25
75th quartile: 108.125
Max: 140

Properly turned in points(10) are given to everyone this time, but will be applied from next assignment. If I need to email individually for additional submission, then I will take points off.

Pls send email if you have any questions.